Agents, brokers, trade intermediaries

We represent some among the major production realities of fruits and vegetables in Europe. Our company is specialized in distribution and international trade of agricultural raw materials. Our extensive knowledge, an in-depth study and the analysis of production issues and requirements of the customer allow us to mediate for best execution, which means to provide high-performance services.

This company was started in the first post-war period by Antonio Zanarini and has evolved during three generations.

In the early 70s Danilo Zanarini and his family undertake the production activity on their own private land near Bologna; the agricultural area was named “Azienda Agricola LUPRIA”. At the same time the production activity is focused on modernisation based on extended market research.

In the last fifteen years, when the third generation arrived, Zanarini’s family business has diversified by extending the product segment adding agricultural raw materials of different origins. Today Zanarini SRL, on the strength of the knowledge of markets of origin, ensures to its customers the best mediation with the main international production areas. We guarantee high-quality standards and effective negotiations.

Honesty, transparency and correctness are our values.